MA5100 Series Memory Analyzer

Key Performance Specifications

  • LPDDR4-4267
  • 2.4GHz state clock rate
  • ClockSafe™
  • Smart Sixteen Frequency Analysis (LPDDR4)
  • 20 input channels
  • 1G-sample acquisition depth
  • Programmable probe termination
  • 11ps x 10mV x 20-channel analog characterization (iCiS™)
  • Real-time memory performance metrics
  • Real-time memory compliance margins and validation
  • Trigger in and trigger out

Key Features

  • Integrated Windows 7 Controller
  • Application software ready for bench, remote-to-lab or offline operation
  • Application includes advanced listing, waveform, tables and charting
  • Turnkey setup, including automated MRW capture and analysis
  • Analyze thousands of real-time memory parameters
  • Full featured, industry standard trigger system
  • Automated analysis from quick summary runs to in-depth extended data logging or margin testing
  • ClockSafe™: Continuous analysis across clock stops and clock frequency changes over 16 frequencies
  • Analog eye characterization on 20- channels simultaneously at 11ps x 10mV
  • Correlate with an oscilloscope for memory DQ data capture
  • Patented interposer/probe designs


  • LPDDR4 and/or LPDDR3
    • Memory validation and debug
    • Monitoring bus traffic
    • Bus traffic measurement
    • Optimization of memory performance
    • Analog insight
  • LPDDR4 rates that exceed LPDDR4-4267
  • LPDDR3 rates that exceed LPDDR3-2133

Results Overview

Real-time Continuous Analysis

Real-time analysis provides data results during and after analysis runs which may be extremely long (days) or very short (nanoseconds). During the run, analysis is continuous and in real-time. Any event that occurs during the run is captured and analyzed.


Memory performance metrics include real-time margin metrics and margin violations. For each margin test, results indicate test coverage, observed margin values, as well as flags indicating margin violations. All data is continuously acquired in real-time with results updates continuously while the analyzer is still running. Memory performance metrics also include continuous real-time charting of bus performance characteristics such as throughput, utilization, power management, and more.



Simultaneous State Capture

State capture results include continuous traffic around one or more events of interest. The traffic – consisting of time, bus commands, bus addressing, margin violations, and trigger events – is presented in listing or waveform displays. State capture depths from one hundred samples to one billion samples is available. Advanced acquisition controls monitor and respond to the continuous traffic in real-time to best utilize the state capture memory. Advanced post-capture search and filter can quickly parse the acquisition store.

Detailed Analog Visibility

iCiS™ provides detailed and invaluable insight of signal quality and expected performance for data acquisition you can trust.

Reliable Connection

Industry standard LPDDR4 component interposers/probes provide connection between the analyzer and the target while preserving analog signal characteristics. Interposers/probes available for LPDDR4 and LPDDR3 standard BGA and packageon-package (PoP) components.

Attachment Services

LPDDR4 and LPDDR3 memory components are available in a variety of packages. Most packages are very fine pitch BGA PoP (package-on-package) which typically live on densely populated targets. This presents a challenging probing environment and an opportunity to provide our expert services. We provide attachment services for all of our component/package interposers so that our customers are up and running quickly and reliably.


Automated Analysis

Analysis is automated and continuous from the time the user clicks the Start button until the analysis session completes. While running, the session updates the application with real-time results. In the following image you can see real-time margins for all compliance parameters as well as a chart of read/write bus throughput. In this example, the analyzer is configured to continuously monitor acquire data until the first occurrence of a compliance violation occurs. That’s three simultaneous measurements, each collecting/monitoring real-time data!
Quickly find, analyze and share intermittent problems.



  • Continuous Analysis Across Clock Stops and Frequency Changes
  • Clock Protected Measurements in Nanoseconds
LPDDR4 memory clocks stop and change frequencies aggressively. A memory analyzer that can support continuous acquisition and continuous analysis through these aggressive changes is critical! The MA5100 memory analyzers for LPDDR4 support this through ClockSafe™. 

Continuous Acquisition

ClockSafe™ provides continuous acquisition across clock stops and frequency changes through a robust acquisition interface that can handle any clock frequency from 0MHz to 2.4GHz.

Continuous Analysis

ClockSafe™ also provides continuous analysis by performing real-time measurements in nanoseconds (ns). This is critical for accurate measurements which would otherwise be corrupted when the clock stopped or changed frequencies. Analysis in nanoseconds (ns) is specified for a number of measurements in the JEDEC specifications. ClockSafe™ ensures these measurements are performed, not only correctly, but also accurately.

Smart Sixteen Frequency Analysis

Why Analyze one frequency at a time when you can analyze all of them at once?
With aggressively changes frequencies, LPDDR4 presents a challenging analysis environment for most other analyzers but not for the MA5100 with Smart Sixteen Frequency Analysis and ClockSafe™. With the push of a button the MA5100 starts acquiring and analyzing the memory bus in real-time. When a frequency change occurs, the analyzer responds, in real-time, collecting statistics for any one or all frequencies as well as margin testing (looking for violations) specific to each, of up to sixteen, independent frequencies and sixteen sets of margin limits. What does this mean for our users? It means they can run the analyzer once and verify the protocol and margins for every command – missing nothing – in real-time for every frequency.

LPDDR4 Configurations



Real-Time Memory Analyzer and Logic Analyzer with LPDDR4 Real-Time compliance, performance, margins and capture exceeding LPDDR4-4267 (2.4GHz clock) with 1G-sample acquisition depth, ClockSafe™ and Sixteen Smart Frequency Analysis. Additional support for LPDDR3 available as an option.


Logic analyzer captures in excess of LPDDR4-4267 (2.4GHz clock), 512M-sample acquisition depth, and ClockSafe™. Options available for 1G-sample acquisition depth, performance, margins, and Single/Sixteen Smart Frequency Analysis. Options also available to add LPDDR3 support.


Entry level Real-Time Memory Analyzer and Logic Analyzer with LPDDR4 Real-Time compliance, performance, margins and capture up to LPDDR4-3200 (1.6 GHz clock) with 512M-sample acquisition depth, ClockSafe™, and Smart Single Frequency Analysis. Options include 1G-sample acquisition depth, Sixteen Smart Frequency Analysis, and capture exceeding LPDDR4-4267 (2.4 GHz clock). Options also available to add LPDDR3 support.

LPDDR3 Configurations



Real-Time Memory Analyzer and Logic Analyzer with LPDDR3 Real-Time compliance, performance, margins and capture exceeding LPDDR3-2133 (1.2 GHz clock) with 1G-sample acquisition depth, ClockSafe™ and Single Smart Frequency Analysis. Options also available to add LPDDR4 support.


Entry level Real-Time Memory Analyzer and Logic Analyzer with LPDDR3 Real-Time compliance, performance, margins and capture up to LPDDR3-1600 (800 MHz clock) with 512G-Sample, ClockSafe™ and Single Smart Frequency Analysis options available to add LPDDR3 exceeding 2133 (1.2 GHz clock). Options available for 1G-sample acquisition depth. Options also available to add LPDDR4 support.