Component Interposers

Embedded Digital & Analog Validation Products

New! LPDDRx (Low Power DDRx) or Mobile DDR component interposers available.

Component interposers are available for DDR3, DDR2, GDDR5, & LPDDR (Mobile DDR) to easily enable analog & digital validation using your oscilloscope or logic analyzer.

Direct Attach

Direct attach interposers provide low cost signal access designed for one-time use. Direct attach interposers are available for:

Specially designed for use with Tektronix oscilloscopes.


Socketed interposers provide flexible signal access for multiple components, multiple targets, & multiple test equiplment using Nexus Technology's proprietary target sockets and standard component sockets.

A configuration wizard is available to walk through the many options available.

Socketed interposers are available for:

Specially designed and interchangable between Tektronix MSO's, TLA's, and oscilloscopes.