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Product Support is critical to your success. A key part of Nexus Technology's support to you is software updates for the products you have purchased. Nexus software updates are available to customers 24 hours a day through the Software Downloads section on this page.

With immediate online availability our customers are never without the latest software updates.

Of course, technical support is also available by contacting us at or by calling 877-595-8116. Our regular business hours are 9AM to 5PM EST.

Software Download

Stay current with all of your Nexus Technology product software by downloading the most recent version(s) available. See our Product Software Download page.

White Papers

The following white papers are available.

DDR3 Data Sample Point Analysis Operation
Nexus Technology's DDR3 Sample Point Analyzer (SPA) facilitates configuring a Tektronix Logic Analyzer (TLA) to acquire and decode memory exchanges for a DDR3 or DDR2 target.
DDR3 / DDRII Sockets Guide
Brief overview of DDR3 / DDRII sockets (available on some of our DDR3/DDRII NEXVu products) which are used to easily install/remove memory ICs on our validation DIMMs
DDRII NEXVu - Setup / Acquisition / Analysis
A guide on connecting a NEXVu to a target and the logic analyzer, setting up the logic analyzer and capturing DDRII data. Also, an analysis of the acquired data and how to quickly and accurately capture analog traces for signal integrity analysis.
DDR Support for Tektronix Logic Analyzers
An application note introducing DDR and how the logic analyzer captures DDR command data, read data, and write data. Although this application note was written for DDR and not DDRII, most of the information is applicable to both specifications and is a good starter for anyone new to either DDR or DDRII.

Legal Documents